About Me

Mike Jarrett

I work as a Programmer/Analyst at Population Data BC in Vancouver, British Columbia. PopData serves as an intermediary between various governmental ministries which hold personal data of BC residents and researches who wish to access the data. PopData ensures that the records are correctly linked and the data is provided to researchers in a secure, anonymized fashion.

At PopData, I perform data linkage on a variety of BC provincial datasets to facilitate public health research. I also work on developing and evaluating new software for data linkage, particularly privacy-preserving record linkage (PPRL).

Previously I worked for several years as an MRI Data Analyst at the UBC MRI Research Centre and the UBC Department of Pediatrics. There I developed software for the quantitative analysis of cutting edge MRI techniques, and authored/contributed to several papers using those techniques to investigate concussion, multiple sclerosis, ostearthritis and other pathologies.

I received my Masters of Science in Particle Physics at the University of Victoria, working on Monte Carlo simulations of collision events in the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider as part of the search for the Higgs Boson.


Email me at mike@mikejarrett.ca. I'm also on twitter at @mikejarrett_


I created the Vancouver Bikeshare Bot, a twitter bot that send daily updates about bikeshare usage in Vancouver. The bot is built on a suite of custom Python code which queries Mobi bikeshare's station API, estimates the number of trips beginning and ending at each station, and produces a variety of visualizations and summary statistics.

Along with the Bikeshare Bot, I periodically post analyses of Mobi bikeshare usage on my blog, featuring both my estimated trip counts and the official data which is released periodically. I also created BikeData Vancouver, a web app for exploring Mobi system data.

I also created the Vancouver Bus Bot, which occasionally tweets out gifs of the movement of buses in Vancouver.

I was the lead data analyst and study coordinator for an MRI study of hockey concussions in which athletes received MRI scans before and after a season of collegiate hockey, and in the case of concussion recieved an additional MRI within 3 days of the injury. The study has led to multiple publications and among other results showed that damage to brain tissue can be observed after a season of hockey even in athletes who did not get diagnosed with a concussion.

At the UBC MRI Research Centre, I developed protocols for performing MRI scans while using the Respiract Gas Control System, a device which allows researchers to target blood O2 and CO2 levels during dynamic MRI scans. I also wrote analysis software to model the BOLD MRI signal response to modulations in blood CO2.


M.Sc. Physics, University of Victoria, 2011

B.Sc. (Hon) Physics, University of Guelph, 2007


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